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User Settings | Global IP Estimator Online

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Global IP Estimator Online allows you to control and personalize elements of the estimate calculation process. For additional information, please contact us or refer to the User's Guide.

Edit User Settings

Critical Settings - These are the most important settings, so please be sure to review them before getting started. They include in-house charges, whether to prefix the country name with the country code, the currency to use for the report, and the numeric format to use.

In-House Charges - The fees and costs associated with the home country portion of processing the foreign applications.

Calculation Settings - Specify the currency to be used for the reports, and adjustment percentages to apply. Also, specify the receiving, search and examination offices that will process the PCT patent application.

Report Settings - Choose whether to display country names with the country code prefix. Enter in-house amount identifying labels. Enter a disclaimer footnote.

Country-Specific Settings - Control in-house charges for specific countries. Enter a country comment. Specify adjustment percentages to apply.

Translation Settings - Specify the number of words per page for patent applications. Specify the translation costs for particular languages. Select whether translations are to be re-used across countries.

Prosecution Settings - For the patent prosecution stage, specify number of prosecution actions, default translation pages, associate charges, and an alternative disclaimer footnote.

Associate Charges - Specify associate charges for paying patent and design annuities that apply to all countries.

Timeline Settings - Specify the time between stages in a patent application (filing to examination, examination to grant).

Home Country - Select and enter home country information. There are no associate charges for the home country, and separate in-house charges.

Bill Your Clients - Create invoices and reports showing usage allocated to individual clients, update client information and edit usage.

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