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Estimate Process | Global IP Estimator Online

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The Process of Running an Estimate

Running an estimate consists of five steps:
  1. Choose the application type, or choose to use a saved scenario. A scenario is a previously run estimate that is saved for reuse, or any estimate that has been run within the last 7 days.
  2. Select countries
  3. Specify calculation options, such as stages to exclude
  4. Enter application information, such as number of claims for patents, or number of classes for trademarks
  5. Select report options, and whether to save the estimate as a scenario

Re-running an Estimate

Step five of running an estimate gives the user the choice of saving the estimate for re-use by the user and/or the user's group. The scenario is saved with a name and description supplied by the user. The scenario saves the information entered at each step of running the estimate. When rerunning the scenario, those entries are displayed and may be changed.

User Settings

The user can control many elements of the estimate calculation process. In particular, it is important that the user review the in-house charges used for the estimate, so that the numbers reflect the user's own practice. A description of the available user settings may be found in the User Settings Overview.

Free Trial

The Free Trial menu item allows the user to run a complete estimate at no charge using the complete capabilities of the program. The sole restriction is that the only countries available are Denmark and Japan.

Subscribers can use this Free Trial feature to 'practice' running estimates without incurring a charge to their account.

Run an Estimate

By selecting "Run an estimate" below, you'll be able to log in to your existing account, set up a FREE account, or run FREE unlimited estimates for Denmark and Japan.

All users must read and agree to the Terms of Service.

Run an estimate now

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