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Pricing | Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks

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Join the growing list of Fortune 500 companies taking advantage of the state-of-the-art global Intellectual Property cost-estimating software to predict and analyze the costs of their IP portfolios.

TThe Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks is an IP portfolio cost calculator program licensed via the installation of a validated database. The database is enabled and licensed to one entity/company for use with a particular number of active trademarks, and for time-periods measured in one-year increments.

Subscription Prices

Your subscription includes:
  • Full online/phone support;
  • Software upgrades;
  • Cost data maintenance (e.g., exchange rates and official patent office fees); and
  • Basic follow-up support for re-importing data from your docketing system.*

Number of
Active Trademarks

Total Price (US $)
Per Year

Price per Active Trademark
Per Year





























Above 10,000

Custom Quote


Custom Quote

Please contact us for pricing for a Trademark portfolio with over 10,000 active trademarks.

The pricing above includes 5 user seats. Each seat over 5 costs $1200 per year.

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When renewing your license, any number of active trademarks may be purchased. If additional active trademarks are purchased before your next renewal, your fee will be prorated so that all purchases have the same expiration date. Additional active trademarks for your trademark portfolio may be purchased in "blocks" of any size, with a minimum block size of 500. The price of the block depends on the number of active trademarks already purchased and the time left until expiration.

Importing Your IP Data

Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks can import your trademark portfolio data from other database(s), such as an internal proprietary docketing system or Excel. Imports are done in batches and utilize a data conversion process that is tailored to your individual data format.

There is an initial import assistance charge of US$1,500. This is a one-time fee to set up and test the conversion process for importing your docketing data into the Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks program. This customized data conversion process will also keep our global estimating software synchronized with your docketing data via subsequent import batches. Use of the data import program will be part of your Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks license at no further additional charge for the life of your subscription.

* In the event that your data format changes, consultation and programming for each subsequent import format change will cost a minimum of US$750 and depend on the extent of the change.

During a license term, your IP portfolio families that have been analyzed may not be deleted. At the time of renewing the license, any or all may be deleted.

Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks - Strategy Planner

The Strategy Planner is a useful tool, within Portfolio Estimator – Trademarks, providing cost estimates for an assortment of active trademark patterns. It allows for unlimited combinations of user-specified filing patterns and associated cost factors.

The Strategy Planner can be purchased as a stand-alone system or in addition to your Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks. You can use the features of this powerful tool without importing your docketing data. You can also budget for future filings that are not already in your portfolio.

The Strategy Planner is licensed on its own OR via the existing installation of Portfolio Estimator -Trademarks. The database is enabled and licensed to one entity/company for time-periods measured in one-year increments. If you a subscriber to the Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks, your price for the Strategy Planner is a full 50% less than the regular subscription price.

Strategy Planner Subscription Prices

The Strategy Planner is included free of charge when the total Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks annual licensing fee is $6,000 or more.

Your subscription includes:
  • Full online/phone support;
  • Software upgrades; and
  • Cost data maintenance (e.g., exchange rates and official trademark office fees).

Subscription Price (US$) Per Year

Strategy Planner

Strategy Planner
with Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks



You can purchase strategy planner as part of the Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks any time during your current subscription. Your fee will be prorated so that Strategy Planner has the same expiration date as Portfolio Estimator.

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