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Published on 24 March 2016

As the famous English proverb goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” In today’s highly competitive world, companies are faced with the triple challenge of constantly having to think outside the box to be innovative in order to survive, shrinking budgets for research and development, and keeping up with the ever-changing costs of obtaining intellectual property (IP) protection around the globe. This has resulted in the need for accurate, user-friendly tools that estimate the future costs, not only for any IP that already has a record in an internal docketing system, but also IP that is in the pipeline (likewise with IP portfolios and IP strategies).  This is precisely where Quantify IP fits in. The company, founded in 1984, has been a pioneer in developing robust cost estimation software for the IP industry, and is now widely recognized as the industry leader.  Cost and timelines are our two major focal points.

Backed by a solid team of experts, our product portfolio includes cost estimating and competitive intelligence tools that will facilitate strategic decision making and budget forecasting for individual patent, trademark, utility model, and design applications, or for an entire patent portfolio. Our meticulously designed flagship software solutions generate sophisticated reports.

The reports are generated using data that is obtained from a worldwide network of IP law firms and official offices, which include government official fees, associate (law firm) fees, in-house costs (costs incurred locally), and translation costs (if any). For most countries, the 75th percentile of the fee schedules supplied by at least five independent associates is used.

Other notable features of our software include an estimation of the average number of office actions per country, an estimation of a grant date, and a user-defined Prosecution Cost Multiplier (initially set to a value of one) that reflects any anticipated difficulty in prosecuting a patent application.

Our clientele includes 70% of the top 100 IP law firms in the US and several Fortune 500 companies, all with consistent feedback. “Your program has saved us countless hours in effort and research, not to mention the time savings of not having to contact our foreign associates."

Stay tuned to find out more about our products!

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