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About Us | Quantify IP

Our Mission

We are Quantify IP, and we are here to 'figure' out the IP world for you. Our mission is to help you Quantify IP costs according to your needs and wants, and to do it accurately and efficiently.

We love what we do and we're good at it, too. Creating robust, user-friendly software solutions for you, the IP professional, to customize according to your situation, your practice, your technology, your company and your strategies.

Quantify IP provides worldwide current and future projected Intellectual Property costs through an increasing wealth of data sourced by our expert professionals and our firmly established industry links with Intellectual Property law firms and IP departments from around the globe. We can even help connect you with Intellectual Property attorneys in the nations and regions where you are looking to establish your next market.

With researchers and developers working from a variety of worldwide locations, an incredible customer service team, and loyal sales and marketing associates, our depth of knowledge and dedication to innovation is second only to our commitment to your success.

We have over 25 years of experience seeking constant innovation in our products and we are truly passionate about going the extra mile to find solutions to your IP problems. We do our work to support you doing yours.

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Our History

We've been in it from the start. First as Computer Software Associates, then as Global IP Net, and now we are Quantify IP.

In 1980, the computer revolution was about to change the world of commerce forever. Back then, we were Computer Software Associates and we were on the leading edge of this burgeoning trend, establishing a foothold by creating innovative legal accounting and docketing software programs for mini-computers.

After the Microsoft Windows® revolution and the release of Windows® development technology, we became Global IP Net and in October of 1995, the Global IP Estimator was born. While the software was new, the database and structure of the program was based on the wealth of information and expertise accumulated over years of meticulous research and development.

The Global IP Estimator soon became the most used, and the most user-friendly, trademark and patent cost-estimating software program throughout the entire world. Read what our clients are saying about the Global IP Estimator.

As the technology advanced, so did we. Our developments in cost-estimating technology, primarily for Intellectual Property professionals, led to the birth of more innovative products: the Portfolio Estimator - Patents and Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks. The Portfolio Estimator - Patents is a unique software program which calculates the current and future costs of establishing and maintaining a patent portfolio. The Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks is a unique software program which calculates the current and future costs of establishing and maintaining a trademark portfolio.

Our suite of products: Global IP Estimator, Global IP Estimator Online, Portfolio Estimator - Patents, Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks, Company Portfolios Revealed, and Global IP Directory, are propelling Quantify IP's worldwide client-base into the future with the quickest, most adaptable and easy to use trademark and patent cost estimator software available.

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