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Take the Guesswork out of Trademark Portfolio Cost Estimation

Published on 17 March 2017

The Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks (“PE-TM”), the latest, ground-breaking product to be launched from the stables of Quantify IP, is a powerful, state-of-the-art tool that precisely estimates the costs of an entire trademark portfolio. The PE-TM is the Trademark version of our savvy Portfolio Estimator - Patents.

The PE-TM generates a wide variety of advanced and meticulously formulated reports in both Word and Excel. For maximum flexibility, these detailed reports include various viewing options: costs for each trademark family by country by year; costs by country by year; costs by trademark family by year; costs by stage in each country by year; costs by category in each country by year; and costs by class.

Figure 1 depicts a sample “costs by class” report, which contains the per annum costs from 2017 to 2039 that would be incurred for each class of goods or services as per the Nice Classification.

Four different stages of the trademarking process are built into the system: search; filing; registration; and renewal. The date when each stage is likely to occur is also estimated. For each stage, four categories of costs are displayed: official government fees; associate (i.e., attorney) charges; translation costs; and in-house/miscellaneous costs.

While calculating the renewal costs and dates, the system takes into account the varying rules and regulations for Intellectual Property costs around the globe. For instance, in some countries, the renewal date is based on the registration date, while in some other countries, it is based on the filing date. Renewal timings also vary by country.

The costs are calculated based on particular attributes of a trademark (such as the number of classes) that are entered by a user. Analysis can be performed either across an entire trademark portfolio, or a selected set of trademark families. Further, the analysis can be customized by adjusting defaults as much (or as little) as a user likes.

The salient features of the PE-TM are:

  • Meticulous research of trademark legislations across the world;
  • Frequent updates to reflect changes or amendments in trademark legislations;
  • Easy importation of portfolio data from any docketing system with the help of built-in sophisticated algorithms;
  • Creation of one or more groups and viewing costs by these groups; and
  • No hidden fees.

Additionally, the PE-TM can be used either as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with the Strategy Planner, which facilitates creation of ‘what-if’ filing scenarios and strategies.

Interested in knowing more or trying out the software? Visit our website, email us at qipcontact@quantifyip.com, or call us at +1-808-891-0099. You’ll be surprised at how much time and money you can save by having more insights into your trademark portfolio. Let us help you unlock that potential. Reach out today for a free demo.

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