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Overview | Company Portfolios Revealed

You rely on Quantify IP to put you in touch with the future costs of your intellectual property so you can make the best business decisions. But what if you could get an on-demand look at your company's entire patent portfolio without having to export your docketing data or purchase additional software? And what if you could do the same thing with your competitor's patent portfolio?

Now you can do this, and more, with our patent-pending software, Company Portfolios Revealed (CPR).

Quantify IP's newest software, CPR, utilizes publicly available worldwide patent application and status data, and through newly developed proprietary processes, organizes it in new ways. This process allows any company's patent portfolio to be analyzed, and reports produced about not just your own company's patent portfolio, but even that of any competitor.

Discover where your company's patent costs can be trimmed or new markets that are underutilized. Or even uncover the filing patterns and costs expended by your competition on their patent portfolios. Save time and money, while acquiring new insights into your patent portfolio and gaining competitive intelligence not available before, all with the push of a button.

Quantify IP utilizes data licensed from the European Patent Office (EPO) for these analyses. The EPO has compiled and organized publication data from most countries' official patent offices. We license that data.

Experience the power of CPR and discover where the future is growing!

Same Data, Never Before Seen Results

No other patent search product on the market can reconstruct a company's patent portfolio via public data and no other company patent search product can produce the uniquely insightful reports available with Company Portfolios Revealed.

The current version of CPR utilizes the PATSTAT data from the EPO. This data is a 'snapshot', produced every six months, of the DOCDB data available from the EPO. We also incorporate data available directly from a variety of patent offices around the world.

Newly developed and meticulously formulated by the Quantify IP team of experts, these reports can unveil:
  • A company's patent filing strategies and patterns
  • The future costs implied by a company's patent portfolio
  • The times-to-grant experience by a company
  • IP cost-savings possibilities for a company
  • Opportunities for licensing parts of a company's patent portfolio
  • And other financially enlightening reports
Finally, a way to see what you've been missing.

Exclusive and Insightful Patent Reports to Help Manage IP

Quantify IP's team of experts have constructed a coded, hierarchical 'route' structure for Company Portfolios Revealed that organizes applications in such a way as to allow for novel analysis of the data and, subsequently, new and exclusive reports. Learn more about CPR's unique reports.

These reports include:
  • Executive Summary Report contains 7 tabs: Filing Patterns, Future Costs, Future Costs Chart, Ungranted Aging Summary, Ungranted Aging Detail, Expiring Patents Summary, and Expiring Patents Detail. Included, free of charge, with your purchase of the Executive Summary Report are two additional summary reports: the Ungranted Aging Summary Report and the Expiring Patents Summary Report.
  • Filing Pattern Analysis Report shows percentages of times that filings were done to various countries.
  • Detail Cost Analysis Report provides competitive analysis for each patent family. This patent/country analysis details patent future costs by year for each patent in each country for the next 20 years. Total summary reports are included as well as graphical summaries.
  • Ungranted Patents Aging Report provides a summary and detail of patent maintenance payments that are being paid for ungranted patent applications which have remained ungranted for 'X' number of years. These applications may have been 'forgotten', although they incur ongoing yearly patent maintenance fees.
  • Expiring Patents Report provides a summary and detail of ongoing patent maintenance payments that are being paid for granted patents which will expire in the next 'X' number of years.
  • Time-to-Grant Report calculates actual average times to grant for each application country which are then used to project future grant dates for as yet ungranted applications.
  • IPC Classification Report uses the International Patent Classification system, or IPC, to summarize patent portfolio activity by a selected company.
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CPR Works For You

Company Portfolios Revealed is built for anyone interested in the financial aspects of any company with significant Intellectual Property costs. This can include company management looking at their own patent portfolios, or a competitor's patent portfolio and costs, along with investors and acquisition analysts as part of their competitive analysis investigations into a company's operations.

Quantify IP provides your selected reports within days, perhaps minutes, with minimal effort on your part. There is no need to upload docketing data or purchase additional software, CPR has done the work for you.

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