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Associate CCode Username Password
Maalouf, Abi Younes and Tohme lawfirm LB LB3950 3maal
Union Patent Service Co NG NG3456 5unio
LPA Ltd AL AL3795 5lpal
Hesketh Henry NZ NZ4236 9hesk
Sujika IP Law Firm MM MM4555 1suji
Conyers Dill & Pearman Limited BM BM2458 8cdap
Allegro IP Law Firm JP JP4749 1alle
Harris Kyriakides LLC CY CY3218 8hkip
Kenfox IP & Law Office VN VN4408 1kenf
Oroca Consulting TR TR4747 3oroc
Orak Services PK PK4748 1orak
Wanam Associates KE KE2670 7waip
Azmi & Associates MY MY1997 7aaip
Pyongyang Intellectual Property Centre KP KP1402 2papt
Hoover Slovacek LLP US US4746 1hoov
Kims and Lees International Patent Law Offices KR KR2692 2klip
Ashoka Law Associates IN IN4545 8asho
A&B for IP EG EG4215 5abip
Asesoria Especializada GT GT4718 1ases
jasdev chambers MY MY4724 2jasd
Olympus Law Partnershsip NG NG4503 9olym
Marks & Pat PK PK4744 8mark
Compbridge Global Trademark Solutions Co, ET ET4742 7comp
Infinvent IP IN IN4741 6infi
Alvear Macias Asesores Legales EC EC2333 3amal
Fialho Canabrava Andrade Salles Advogados BR BR4191 5camp
Jiaquan IP Law Firm CN CN3350 2jiaq
Farouk Mubarak & Co EG EG1302 2arak
Law Office Spaho BA BA3674 4losi
george & co LC LC3770 2geor
J. Isern Patentes & Marcas ES ES4063 7jise
Ahmed and Associates BD BD4650 1ahme
Trademark Factory International Inc CA CA4046 6minc
Am Badar & Partners ID ID3508 7amba
Fillmore Riley LLP CA CA3640 4frip
Ellen B. Shankman & Associates IL IL2930 3ebsa
Ipmax Law Firm VN VN3681 2ipma
Hanni Rosenzweig & Co. IL IL3414 9hann
Selegtral EC EC3971 4sele
Akoto-Bamfo & Co GH GH4351 8akot
Mark Korea Patent And Law Firm KR KR3600 2mark
Venture One Legal Ltd. KY KY4122 1lega
Bogensberger Patent- & Markenbuero LI LI4096 5boge
Shahid & Alliance, Intellectual Property & Legal Affairs, Bangladesh BD BD2314 4shad
BLP CR CR3228 9wein
Salamat & Associates IR IR4549 8sala
Sakellarides Law Offices GR GR2829 9sllo
Aelex Legal Practitioners and Arbitrators NG NG2152 2emuw
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin CA CA3403 3fmdm
Armour IP AU AU3214 7armo
David Zevallos TM Management PE PE4745 2davi
osterling abogados PE PE4743 8oste
Osuya & Osuya Law Firm NG NG4469 3osuy
Oldham Li & Nie HK HK3226 2oldh
International Law & Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd SC SC1927 7ilcs
Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors NG NG3242 6punu
Zoomlaw Attorneys-At-Law TW TW4028 2zoom
Law Office of Lepik & Luhaäär Lawin EE EE2482 2loip
Barumun International Patent ID ID2493 3bnip
Brito & Pinto EC EC3964 9brit
BSB Intellectual Property Law DE DE3845 2bsbi
Advance China IP Law Office CN CN3905 2adva
A.Ghniem & Partners Company ( Law Firm) (Middle East Legal Practice) JO JO4740 3aghn
Patent bureau Kesna EE EE2188 8kesn
Chandrakant M. Joshi IN IN2237 7cjip
Jain & Partners IN IN3158 7jain
Al Nami Law Firm SA SA4041 7alna
Oriti Patents CH CH4348 7orit
TidyTend Intellectual Property Law Firm CN CN2725 5tidy
Fabián Biali y Asociados AR AR3597 2fabi
Schurman Advocaten SR SR3098 3schu
Vipatco Intellectual Property Law Firm VN VN3191 1vipl
Bross & Partners VN VN3102 2bpip
Henry Goh & Co Sdn Bhd MY MY1111 3rygo
MBM Intellectual Property Law LLP CA CA2540 4maco
S&B Law VN VN3400 5s&bl
Qazi Law Associates PK PK4091 9qazi
Dench Intellectual Property Consultants ZM ZM4739 5denc
Consulting group Team RU RU4201 7cons
Smith & Co. Barristers and Attorneys BM BM1948 8scba
Arias & Muñoz SV SV2672 2amip
Levy Castilla & Co. AR AR2317 7lcac
Inns Law Firm NG NG2193 3inlf
Macotela Cervantes y Asociados S.C. MX MX2350 5mcsc
Arias & Muñoz PA PA1400 2amip
Arias & Muñoz HN HN1144 2amip
Arias & Muñoz GT GT1139 2amip
Doulah & Doulah BD BD1161 1ddip
Foridom IP Law Firm CN CN2972 7fori
Iclipa Law Firm EG EG3945 8icli
ipMetrix Consulting Group IN IN4163 3imcg
Markipat AL AL4092 1mark
Legarreta Y Asociados, S.C. MX MX2944 4lyas
O'Conor & Power AR AR4276 6ocpo
Bufete Casco HN HN1424 4asco
Haffner & Keschmann Patentanwälte AT AT2729 9hkip
Company42 ApS DK DK4738 3comp
Law & Patent Office Joanidis MK MK3798 8law&
AO&O Legal Practitioners NG NG4737 8ao&o
M.E.R.A. IP EG EG4736 1mera

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