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Associate CCode Username Password
Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP US US3541 3seed
Barbosa, Mussnich & Aragao BR BR3094 4barb
Ananda Intellectual Property TH TH3802 5anan
Wild Schnyder AG CH CH3952 1wild
Swiftlaw GH GH4629 4swif
Becker & Aue DE DE3209 8beck
Meissner Bolte & Partner GbR DE DE2108 8mbip
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys UZ UZ1768 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys TM TM1767 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys TJ TJ1765 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys MD MD1769 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys GE GE1764 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys EA EA3010 7mikh
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys AZ AZ1766 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners KZ KZ3669 9msip
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys RU RU2663 3msip
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys UA UA1959 9msip
Top Notch IP AE AE4628 1topn
G.H. Sigurgeirsson Patents & Trademarks IS IS2410 1sigu
SIB - Società Italiana Brevetti IT IT2760 6sibi
Onyango Advocates UG UG4516 9onya
Hodgkinson McInnes Pappas AU AU1118 8hmip
Lett & Co, Attorneys-at-law DK DK2047 7lcip
Gur Intellectual Property TR TR3736 4gurl
Milet IP Consultancy Services TR TR4627 9mile
Fredericks Attorneys and Notary Public VC VC3963 5fred
Office Kirkpatrick BE BE2807 7rick
Alliance of TheIPCo. PLT MY MY4571 7thei
Anna Sobczyk & Partners PL PL2956 6asap
Lawyers Antevski MK MK2718 8rsan
European Patent Registration and Consulting Services EP EP4184 6euro
Ketner, Legal Consultancy, Representation and Protection, Ltd. SI SI4622 5ketn
Laguna Lake Trade Marks PH PH3880 8lagu
Sapphire & Breckinridge LP NG NG4260 5sapp
Belpatentservice BY BY2165 5belp
Srivastava & Associates IN IN4508 4sriv
Inventa International AO AO1888 8enta
Easyway Intellectual Property AE AE4625 7easy
Easyway Intellectual Property GC GC4626 7easy
Atkinson IP AU AU3976 3atki
Agaba, Bulungu, Namusiitwa & Co. Advocates UG UG4624 4agab
CR. Amanya Advocates & Solicitors UG UG4620 4cram
Simba & Simba Advocates KE KE3485 5simb
RamRais & Partners MY MY3104 6ramr
Regal Chambers VC VC3127 4rega
ITEM Patent & Trademark Agency SI SI1357 7ipta
Z&F Intellectual Property CN CN4301 5z&fi
Kevin Ng & Co. Solicitors HK HK2105 5kncs
“B., Bermúdez & Bermúdez - S.C. Law Offices” ** Patent Attorneys – Trademarks Agents - Copyrights BO BO1827 7bbbs
Fox & Lapenne UY UY3312 4fox&
Dessington IP ZA ZA4277 4anth
Bengzon Negre Untalan Intellectual Property Attorneys PH PH3356 1beng
ABFR & Co NG NG3099 9abfr
Kabir & Associates BD BD1160 6kaip
Kh. Imnadze & N. Bakhtadze GE GE2470 7imna
John Wilson Partners LK LK1120 2hnwi
Badri and Salim El Meouchi Law Firm LB LB2474 4bsem
Miranda & Miranda Marca & Patentes LTDA NI NI2082 2mmmp
I & B GE GE4623 4i&b
Shearn Delamore & Co. MY MY3379 9sdac
Sule Law Firm EU EU4047 5süle
Sule Law Firm HU HU3824 5süle
M. Amin & Co. PK PK3326 3mami
Trimark Intellectual Property Consulting JO JO2664 4tipc
Bermeo & Bermeo EC EC1114 4bbip
Dentons Egypt LLC EG EG3585 9dent
Somphob Tax And Law Office Limited (STLO TH TH3625 4somp
Zeina Intellectual Property OM OM3560 3zein
Cabinet Aksiman MA MA3987 7cabi
Bufete Aguirre Soc. Civ BO BO2048 8basc
Petersona Patents LV LV2557 7papp
AAA Law LV LV2719 1aaal
MMC Africa Advocates KE KE3986 3mmca
Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm OA OA2511 1cham
Marquez, Marquez & Asociates VE VE4057 7mmip
Pipers Attorneys NZ NZ1430 3paip
Bogsch & Partners Law Office HU HU2158 8bogs
Palmas IP IT IT4086 2palm
An, Tian, Zhang & Partners CN CN1741 1atzp
Atencio - Bello & Associates, International Law Practice VE VE1514 4abai
ISW Legal IP (Ismail Sabri Wee & Wong) MY MY4311 6iswl
Azmi & Associates MY MY1997 7aaip
Front Consulting IP VE VE3771 9fron
Russin & Vecchi VN VN1542 2cchi
Akkum, Akkum & Associates LLP OA OA3383 3aaip
Cipselaw Mexico MX MX4612 7cips
BP Legal RO RO4609 7bple
Gintasset Intellectual Property Law Firm VN VN2565 5gipl
IP-Protect Tunisia TN TN2929 9ippt
Baptista, Monteverde & Associados PT PT3920 6bapt
Hamayuns PK PK2582 2yuns
F. Marouli GR GR2542 2roul
Patendibüroo Turvaja EE EE2159 9vaja
Abel & Imray GB GB3354 3abel
Ndure (Private) Ltd LK LK4619 4ndur
Beutler Künzi Stutz AG CH CH3960 4beut
DK Choi & Partners KR KR2732 2dkcp
Cajigas & Co. PA PA3467 6caji
Estudio Carolina Ore Gomez & Associates S.A.C PE PE4621 7estu
CN-KnowHow Intellectual Property Agent Limited CN CN3856 1cn-k

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