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Associate CCode Username Password
S&B Law VN VN3400 5s&bl
DMK Lawyers DO DO3947 7cent
Massoun & Massoun AF AF4727 1mass
Interfive IP Law Firm VN VN4728 3inte
FrancisGrey KY KY4764 1fran
NJQ & Associates JO JO1931 1njip
Akkum, Akkum & Associates LLP OA OA3383 3aaip
Christo Tepavitcharov & Associates BG BG2494 4ctip
Ratza & ratza RO RO2414 4atza
Asesores Legales en Propiedad Industrial (ALPI) CR CR3083 1ases
Sule Law Firm HU HU3824 5süle
Badri and Salim El Meouchi Law Firm LB LB2474 4bsem
Dubai Global Intellectual Property AE AE3941 9duba
Namied Patent & Trademark Law Office CN CN4698 5nami
Bragarnyk & Partners IP UA UA4766 1brag
Equity Chamber MV MV4765 5equi
Estudio Benedetti PA PA2509 2mrfh
Andreas P. Demetriades & Associates-Advocates Legal and Tax Consultants CY CY1984 4apda
Saikrishna & Associates IN IN3304 4saip
K.A. Bari & Co. BD BD1117 7kaba
Bufete Mejia & Asociados HN HN1301 1ejia
Alick Lawrence Chambers DM DM2133 3alip
Eiger TW TW3123 3wenf
Central Law Rusconi Medina & Asociados SV SV3942 2mrfh
Central Law Honduras HN HN3592 2mrfh
E R Team Global Consultants LTD CY CY4763 7erte
Pierola & Asociados PE PE1297 7rola
Shearn Delamore & Co. MY MY3379 9sdac
International Law Offices & Veritas Legal Advisers UA UA2432 2ilvl
Foga Daley JM JM2109 9dale
Bird & Bird HK HK4070 8bird
International Business Legal Associates (IBLAW) JO JO1932 2ibla
Ragaii El Dekki & Partners EG EG4562 2raga
China Pat Intellectual Property Office CN CN3726 5cpip
HH Partners Attorneys-at-law Ltd FI FI4205 2hhpa
Divjak, Topic & Bahtijarevic HR HR3347 7divj
Keisen Associates JP JP4762 6keis
Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen RO RO3406 6ndkp
S.Majumdar & Co. IN IN3586 1smaj
K & S Partners IN IN2673 3ksip
HFG Intellectual Property Consulting Co. Ltd. CN CN3752 5hipc
Avah Legal MX MX3898 1avah
Beuchat, Barros & Pfenniger CL CL2032 2bbap
AMR Partnership ID ID1281 1roos
BNG Legal KH KH2388 8bnga
Januar Jahja & Partners ID ID3864 6janu
King & Wood Mallesons CN CN2200 2kwpl
Wilkinson & Grist CN CN2595 5rist
Sit Fung Kwong & Shum HK HK2650 5sfks
Carrington & Sealy BB BB2360 6ealy
Abreu Advogados PT PT1580 8acip
Pizzeys Patent & Trademark Attorneys AU AU2959 7pizz
IMB Izurieta Mora Bowen Law Firm EC EC1134 4mora
Hiroe and Associates, patent professional corporation JP JP1925 5iroe
Armstrongs Attorneys Notaries & Conveyancers BW BW2288 8aanc
Drzewiecki, Tomaszek & Partners Spólka Jawna PL PL2280 8toma
Estudio Moreno Baldivieso Abogados BO BO1507 7mblo
Duany & Kresalja PE PE3534 7duan
Aequitas Attorneys AU AU3175 5aaip
Kreuzkamp & Partner DE DE2128 8kamp
Santarelli FR FR2459 9elli
Y.Shin Patent Office KR KR2462 2yspo
Majmudar & Co. International Lawyers IN IN2480 8mcil
Worldwide Registration Bureau IN IN3095 5worl
Aumark Group IP Management PY PY3120 2auma
Manoj G. Menda Advocate, Patent and Trade Mark Attorney IN IN3121 5mano
MarQonsult IP MY MY3130 1marq
Singh & Associates IN IN3131 2sing
Jorge Neto Valente MO MO3137 8jorg
Barrow & Williams BZ BZ3148 8baws
Andra Musatescu Law & Industrial Property Offices RO RO3348 8amlo
Rehoboth Attorneys NG NG3705 1reho
Alphinoor & Co OA OA4012 8alph
Nithi Murugesu & Associates LK LK4013 2nith
Cabinet Hirsch FR FR4316 5cabi
Universal Legal, Attorneys At Law IN IN4330 5univ
Cesar C. Cruz & Partners Law Offices PH PH4476 1cesa
Intellect Goodwill IN IN4483 7inte
Lexitag Advocates IN IN4484 2lexi
Legal & Commercial Consultants International PK PK4487 6lega
The Saudi Office Lawyers & Consultants SA SA4490 7thes
ips.consulting RU RU4692 2ipsc
Greves Protection Management Private Limited IN IN4702 4grev
Kordinat TR TR4703 7kord
Praxi Intellectual Property S.p.A IT IT4705 2prax
Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Guangzhou Office CN CN4711 7beij
IPO Pang PC CN CN4714 6ipop
Elena Bedarevas'Advocate office RU RU4720 4elen
jasdev chambers MY MY4724 2jasd
Montaury Pimenta Machado & Vieira de Mello BR BR1248 8mpml
Novel Patent Services Pvt Ltd.. IN IN4709 9npsp
PLMJ - Sociedade de Advogados PT PT2818 8ippm
Garrigues IP, Unipessoal Lda. PT PT2166 6ccfa
Efor Patent (Efor IP & Law) TR TR2984 4epip
Boco IP Oy Ab FI FI1328 8nius
AAA Legal Services EE EE1131 1aaal
AAA Law LV LV2719 1aaal
AAA Law LT LT1104 1aaal
Law Firm Karanovic & Nikolic RS CS2722 2knin
Protector IP Consultants AS NO NO1233 3ctor

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