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Associate CCode Username Password
Laminar IP AU AU4668 3lami
Mete Mercan Patent Ltd. TR TR4667 5mete
Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants VN VN4178 7agel
Khalil Khazindar law firm SA SA4661 4khal
Rehoboth Attorneys NG NG3705 1reho
Webster LP AI AI3615 3ster
Webster LP KN KN3103 3ster
Karuhanga, Tabaro & Associates UG UG4666 7karu
Eldib & Co. EG EG2136 6hahp
Law Firm Sajic BA BA3427 7lfsc
AAA Law LT LT1104 1aaal
Ineureka LLC RU RU3463 3ziip
Marks & Clerk SG SG3983 8mcip
Yaffa Dagan & Co. Law Firm IL IL4007 3yaff
Fernando Castillo & Asociados PA PA2920 2fcip
Maddock & Bright IP Law Office EG EG3436 7mona
Calderon & De La Sierra y Cía, S.C. MX MX2346 6cdls
Niemann-Guerra, Alvarez & Tesija-Law Offices AR AR3809 5niem
Loven GB GB1850 5oven
P.L. Berry & Associates Limited NZ NZ3778 1plbe
Grant, Joseph & Co. GD GD2733 3gjip
Ego-Patent Kancelaria Patentowa Jan Kunicki PL PL2100 1egop
Braz & Associates - Intellectual Property Agents MZ MZ3397 1braz
SMAS-IP OM OM2422 2etta
HBS Law KH KH3811 9hbsl
Novopatent International Service, S. C. MX MX3070 6novo
Dreon IP BR BR4169 2dreo
Zunic Law RS RS4664 9zuni
Kirci Avukatlk Burosu (Kirci Law Office) TR TR4660 2kirc
Kent & Reches IL IL1102 2kent
Dreon IP AR AR3790 9mark
Saludo Taleon & Associates PH PH2552 2ludo
Intellect Worldwide Sdn Bhd MY MY4662 8inte
Smith and Partners Lawyers NZ NZ4659 5smit
Union Patent Service Co NG NG3456 5unio
Spruson & Ferguson MY MY2771 1ecsf
JSM HK HK2913 3jsam
«Brainmen», The Intellectual Property Bureau RU RU3717 7bipa
Collison & Co. AU AU1285 5ison
Majlingova & Partners, s.r.o. SK SK2609 9gova
Inventa International PT PT1876 6vent
Inventa International LTD. AP AP1865 6vent
Inventa International LTD. BR BR1735 6vent
Inventa International EU EU1878 8enta
Inventa International MO MO1733 3vent
Inventa International MZ MZ1880 8enta
Inventa International NG NG1884 8enta
Inventa International LTD. AD AD1879 9enta
Inventa International LTD. OA OA1866 6vent
Inventa International LTD. ZA ZA1881 1vent
Inventa International ES ES1877 7vent
Inventa International LTD. SC SC1986 6enta
Inventa International LTD. HK HK1882 2enta
Inventa International AO AO1888 8enta
Mende Argentina AR AR3787 4mend
Law Firm Iarussi & C. IT IT4654 6lawf
AFD China Intellectual Property Law Office CN CN2711 1acip
A.A. Thornton & Co. GB GB4642 1aath
Palladium IP Consultants ZW ZW4355 7pall
Kimova Law Office MK MK4218 6kimo
Schönherr Rechtsanwälte CZ CZ3296 1srip
Counsels Law Partners BD BD4389 8coun
J. Isern Patentes y Marcas EP EP4065 7jise
J. Isern Patentes y Marcas EU Eu4064 7jise
J. Isern Patentes y Marcas ES ES4063 7jise
Sarmiento Abogados PE PE4652 1sarm
Ranjan Narula Associates IN IN3791 8ranj
Sorainen Estonia EE EE2081 4slip
Griffith Hack Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys AU AU1269 9hack
Lao Interconsult Co., Ltd. LA LA3487 2laoi
D&L Consult, LLC UA UA3894 3d&lc
Alpha bethel & Co.Int'l Patent & Trademark office NG NG2518 8beth
Cabinet Islem Hamza Suarl TN TN3690 3cabi
Adipven (M) Sdn Bhd MY MY4658 7adip
Patentanwälte Barger, Piso & Partner AT AT2611 1arge
Ashry & Adel IP EG EG3968 3ashr
Markmans Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys AU AU4655 5mark
Pintas Consulting Group MY MY4657 9pint
Pintas Consulting Group MY MY4656 7pint
Wisely & Mansion Intellectual Property (Hong Kong) Limited HK HK4653 3wise
Brito & Pinto EC EC3964 9brit
Trademark Factory International Inc CA CA4046 6minc
Indian Legal Consultants IN IN4647 2indi
A&B for IP EG EG4215 5abip
Ahmed and Associates BD BD4650 1ahme
Swiftlaw GH GH4629 4swif
Saba & Co. Intellectual Property KW KW2803 6saba
Ritter Rechtsanwälte AG LI LI1576 6rwip
Shahid & Alliance, Intellectual Property & Legal Affairs, Bangladesh BD BD2314 4shad
Delta Patent EA EA4550 3delt
Delta Patent RU RU4552 3delt
BLP CR CR3228 9wein
K&K Advocates ID ID4643 1k&ka
AAA Law LV LV2719 1aaal
Spoor & Fisher ZA ZA1329 9sher
Morris Capital Group, Inc. US US4651 5morr
Nicholas John & Co. LC LC1506 6lasj
Newmark Advocates UG UG4645 7newm
Hellicar, Dionysiou & Co LLC CY CY4644 8hell
Antoniou McCollum & Co. LLC CY CY4637 5anto

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