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Associate CCode Username Password
SMAS Intellectual Property SD SD2425 5etta
SMAS Intellectual Property QA QA2423 3etta
SMAS Intellectual Property LY LY2420 2etta
Seis IP LLC TR TR4691 9seis
Schmidt - Kornfeld - Wukoschitz AT AT1596 6korn
Acacia Octrooibureau ID ID4058 7acac
Law Office of Vahid Behdad IR IR1232 2lovb
LLC Law Firm "Krivtsov and Partners" RU RU4689 5llcl
BGI Legal GE GE4690 2bgil
IRSA Trademark & Patent Attorneys PK PK3851 2irsa
SMAS-IP TN TN1803 4sslo
SMAS Intellectual Property WB WB1802 4sslo
SMAS Intellectual Property GZ GZ1801 4sslo
SMAS Intellectual Property BH BH2415 5etta
SMAS Intellectual Property EG EG2416 6etta
SMAS Intellectual Property IQ IQ2417 7etta
SMAS Intellectual Property JO JO2418 8etta
SMAS Intellectual Property KW KW2429 9etta
SMAS Intellectual Property LB LB2419 9etta
SMAS Intellectual Property MA MA2421 1etta
SMAS Intellectual Property OM OM2422 2etta
SMAS Intellectual Property YE YE2428 8etta
SMAS Intellectual Property AE AE2427 7etta
SMAS Intellectual Property SY SY2426 6etta
SMAS Intellectual Property SA SA2424 4sslo
PakPat World Intellectual Property Protection Services PK PK2074 4pakg
OTMA BY BY1146 6otma
Haihan-IP VN VN4222 7haih
ATS Partners LLC MN MN4453 1atsp
Lordes Legal NG NG4687 1lord
Mak Legal Corporate Services PK PK4688 4makl
Hon Atik Ltd. IL IL2982 9hona
Araujo & Teixeira BR BR4684 9arau
Sunstone Patents and Innovation JO JO4455 8suns
Afghan Law Firm - Law Offices of A.Rahman Rahimghiyasa AF AF3954 9afgh
“B., Bermúdez & Bermúdez - S.C. Law Offices” ** Patent Attorneys – Trademarks Agents - Copyrights BO BO1827 7bbbs
Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners RU RU3613 5egor
Arosemena Noriega & Contreras PA PA2477 7anip
F.A. Garrick & Co NG NG3679 9faga
Bharucha & Co. PK PK1187 7bhar
BMatanga IP Attorneys ZW ZW4279 3bmat
lexnovate Legal IN IN4682 5lexn
Tsai, Lee & Chen Patent Attorneys & Attorneys at Law TW TW2690 9aile
Colton Intellectual Property Inc. CA CA4686 7colt
Pintas Consulting Group Sdn Bhd MY MY1312 2pint
Law Office Ušeniènik Žagar L.L.C. SI SI3916 9lawo
Von Seidels ZA ZA3275 5vsip
Ratemo & Company Advocates KE KE4685 5rate
Fakhry Law Firm LB LB3829 1fakh
Shaam & Associates – Patent & Trade Mark Agents LK LK3265 6shaa
Heru Lukito & Partners ID ID4265 6heru
Tai E International Patent & Law Office TW TW2870 7teip
Pham & Associates VN VN1194 4pham
Jeong, Kim & Lee IP Law Firm KR KR2862 2jklp
Tees IP CA CA3236 5tees
Musiitwa Associates & Solicitors UG UG4266 2musi
Patentanwälte Gulde Hengelhaupt Ziebig DE DE2013 3pghz
Be. Legal Advocates MT MT4287 4bele
Fireball Patents EP EP4582 6fire
Fireball Patents EU EU4239 6fire
Fireball Patents BX BX4238 6fire
Fireball Patents NL NL4237 6fire
Jimenez Molino y Moreno PA PA1280 8jmym
Montoya, Cabrera & Asociados ES ES4680 1mont
LSP Partnership ID ID2405 5sito
Farouk Mubarak & Co EG EG1302 2arak
Patenthuis bvba BE BE4678 5pate
Clarke, Modet & Co. BR BR2834 4ipcm
Clarke, Modet & Co. MX MX1863 3cipm
Montoya, Kociecki & Asociados CO CO4679 4mont
Kiortsis & Associates Law Offices GR GR2674 4tsis
Abdullah A. Al Fallaj Law Firm SA SA4392 5abdu
Kim & Chang KR KR1416 6hang
Sheikh & Co IPS SD SD2666 6khco
WizeCounzel Law Firm NG NG3204 6wize
Robic CA CA2923 3robi
Freedman Patent US US2308 8reed
Advance Partners IP Law Firm UA UA4670 6adva
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys EA EA3010 7mikh
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys RU RU2663 3msip
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys GE GE1764 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys MD MD1769 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys TJ TJ1765 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys TM TM1767 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys UZ UZ1768 2agma
Agile IP Group RU RU2343 3agma
Agile IP Group EA EA2591 1agma
Agile IP Group UA UA2342 2agma
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners UA UA1959 9msip
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners BY BY4677 5milh
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners KZ KZ3669 9msip
Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners - Patent and Trademark Attorneys AZ AZ1766 2agma
Deleporte Wentz Avocat FR FR4669 1dele
ashunchong and partners law firm CM CM4427 8ashu
Heer Law CA CA4671 9heer
Ashry & Adel IP EG EG3968 3ashr
Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP GB GB2196 6udip
Falconi Puig Abogados EC EC2957 7fpip
KASS International Sdn. Bhd. MY MY1378 8kisb
HAMI Legal Services IR IR1256 6egal

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