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Sample Reports | Global IP Estimator

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Global IP Estimator Delivers Your Results Your Way

Learn more about how Global IP Estimator delivers the results you've been looking for, in the format you need. And discover how this vital tool can help your clients optimize their foreign filing decisions. You can view a sample of each type of estimate report or check out screenshots of the program in action. And as always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

View a Sample Estimate Report

Estimate reports, while presenting the same overall figures, are available in three formats depending on the amount of detail you require.

In the sample reports below, an estimate has been generated for a patent application in Brazil and China with 25 pages (excluding drawings), 5 pages of drawings, 6 claims, and 1 convention priority. The report was generated in June 2014.

The Condensed Report
Great for management to see a quick snapshot of total IP application costs. The Condensed Report displays estimates as one line per country with totals appearing for:

  • Official fees
  • Associate fees
  • In-House costs
  • Annuities (for patents and utility models)
  • Renewals (for designs)

The Summary Report
Includes the same information as the Condensed Summary Report, but further broken down into totals for stages. For example, a patent application will include the following stages:

  • Filing stage
  • Examination stage
  • Prosecution stage
  • Grant stage
  • Maintenance stage

The Detail Report
As the name implies, the Detail Report itemizes ALL sources of fees and costs for a given application and even provides a breakdown by annuity year for patent and utility model applications. The Detail Report is the perfect tool to use when preparing your IP budget.

The Timeline Report
For patent applications, in addition to the above-mentioned reports, a Timeline Report is available. This spreadsheet report includes timeline totals showing the summary of applications over the specified time period, stage totals showing the specified timeline broken down into stages, and cost category totals showing the specified timeline broken down into the categories of costs.

Download a sample Timeline Report (Excel spreadsheet)

The Common Report
The Common Report combines the three main reports (Condensed, Summary and Detail by Country) into a single Excel file, with each report placed on its own Worksheet.

Download a sample common Report (Excel spreadsheet)

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