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With an option for everyone, no matter how big or small, Global IP Estimator Online is the right choice for your IP estimates. Register today.

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Account Pricing

Everyone has different needs when it comes to intellectual property estimates, and we want to make sure yours are met. That is why we have created several account types.

Estimator Licenses are purchased by the number of estimate reports your organization will generate during a subscription year. Subscription packages are included below:

Package Annual Estimates Price (USD)
Single 1 $99 ea.
Bronze Up to 25 $1,999/yr.
Silver Up to 75 $5,499/yr.
Gold Up to 150 $9,999/yr.
Platinum Up to 300 $15,999/yr.
Enterprise Unlimited $24,999/yr.

Defining an Estimate
One use of the service is considered one estimate. Any number of countries may be included in a single estimate. For patents, the estimate may include the PCT national phase or EPO validation phase, or both. Reports including multiple phases for one application still count as only one estimate.

Unused Estimates
Unused estimates expire at the end of the subscription year. For more information, please read our Return Policy.

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