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Overview | Portfolio Estimator - Patents

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A powerful, state-of-the-art solution at your fingertips—Quantify IP's Portfolio Estimator - Patents desktop global estimating software accurately predicts and analyzes the global IP costs of your entire patent portfolio. So you can finally take the guesswork out of your future patent costs and start focusing on your future success.

Our robust, global, IP database, meticulously maintained by our staff of experts, coupled with our innovative software and your docketing data, allows you to confidently achieve accurate and immediate future-cost estimates for the life of your IP portfolio.

See Portfolio Estimator - Patents in action by watching a demo, viewing sample reports, or test driving the free version. Find out for yourself how easy the Portfolio Estimator - Patents is to customize and use.

If you wish to learn more, sign up for a FREE, Live, Online Demo. You can also view a Case Study: "How the 'Portfolio Estimator - Patents' helped in substantially reducing the variance between the budgeted spend and the actual spend".

Reliable Patent Portfolio Cost Projections at Your Fingertips

Whether your patent portfolio includes hundreds of patent families or only a few, Portfolio Estimator - Patents helps you:
  • Reduce costs,
  • Save time by letting us do the leg-work,
  • Respond to requests immediately and accurately with customizable reports,
  • Make better foreign filing decisions by analyzing the costs of possible future filing strategies, and
  • Improve efficiency and productivity.
You already have the IP data in your docketing system. Why not use it like never before?

We know how to translate your docketing data into coherent patent families for easy import into our system. Portfolio Estimator - Patents then combines your data with our extensive database, the same one developed for our popular Global IP Estimator program, and calculates projected costs and deadlines in each country in each patent family, for your entire patent portfolio.

Focus Your Reports with Customizable Analysis

The Portfolio Estimator - Patents gives you the power to personalize your patent portfolio analysis to meet your reporting needs.
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Analysis can be performed across your entire patent portfolio, or a selected set of patent families. Each patent family in your portfolio can contain patent applications, as well as granted patents, in any number of countries, and can include PCT and EPO routes.

For each country in each family, patent fees are projected for each stage based on particular attributes of the patent (e.g. number of claims, pages of translation, etc.), and include official patent office fees like annuities and translation charges, along with foreign associate charges. Dates are also projected for when each stage will occur for each country in each patent family.

Patent families may be categorized into, and analyzed by, any number of groups and/or any combination of groups, using default or user-defined groups such as technology types, company divisions, or patent managers. Your patent portfolio analysis can provide costs totaled by year, quarter or month, for any given range of dates. Fiscal year reporting is also an available option.

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Upgrade Your IP Strategy Planning

The following supplemental software module can be purchased separately to enhance your cost analyses for future filings.

The Strategy Planner is a useful tool providing cost estimates for an assortment of patent filing patterns. Coupled with the Portfolio Estimator - Patents, it allows for unlimited combinations of user-specified filing patterns and associated cost factors.

This tool lets you play around with different patent filing scenarios, which you can save for later use, developing Intellectual Property strategies based on the most useful patterns, and gaining analytical insight into which filing routes could be the most financially beneficial. This tool can also be used as a patent calculator for budgeting future patent fees, as well as for analyzing the remaining costs of a potential purchase to assess its profitability to your overall Intellectual Property strategy.

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