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Overview | Strategy Planner

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Quantify IP’s Strategy Planner is a powerful tool that provides cost estimates for an assortment of patent filing patterns. It allows for unlimited combinations of user-specified filing patterns and associated cost factors.

Our robust, global, IP database, meticulously maintained by our staff of experts, coupled with our innovative software, allows you to confidently achieve accurate and immediate future-cost estimates for planned patent filings that do not have a record in your docketing system.

See Strategy Planner in action by watching a demo, viewing sample reports, or test driving the free version, and find out for yourself how easy it is to customize and use.

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Create ‘WHAT-IF’ Scenarios and Strategies

Make better foreign filing decisions by playing around with different patent filing scenarios, which you can save for later use, develop Intellectual Property strategies based on the most useful patterns, and gain analytical insights into which filing routes could be financially beneficial.

Focus Your Reports with Customizable Analysis

Strategy Planner gives you the power to personalize your cost analysis to meet your reporting needs.

View sample reports
  • Obtain cost estimates by year, quarter, or month
  • Any possible route with any number of countries, including the PCT and EPO routes
  • Choosing the Receiving Office, Search, and Examination Authorities for a PCT application
  • Including or exclude PCT Chapter II Demand phase
  • Set the frequency of filings within each scenario
  • Combine multiple scenarios to create a strategy, and
  • Include abandonment rates within each strategy.

Optional ADD-ON

The Portfolio Estimator - Patents and Portfolio Estimator - Trademarks can be purchased as a supplementary module, thus facilitating cost estimation for both a current portfolio and future strategies.

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