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Free Trial | Global IP Estimator

Click here to get a FREE Trial Version

The FREE version of Global IP Estimator
  • Contains all the capabilities of the BASIC version.
  • Generates estimates for Denmark and Japan.
  • Contains the user's guide as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document.
  • Has online Help.
Please print this page to assist with the installation process.

You may download the free version by clicking the following link. Please download and SAVE the file on your computer. If your browser offers you the option to open or run the program directly, do not use that option.

Download the installation package for Global IP Estimator (v4xx) ("gip_package.exe") (28 Megabytes)

Important Installation Note

The installation and initial configuration of the program (selecting database location) require admin privileges. Please ensure that you are logged in as a Local administrator user (not a Domain administrator) before you continue. If your local administrator account is disabled, you need to enable it first.

Installation Instructions

Double-click on the Installer package to start the installation process. It will install the Global IP Estimator program on the local machine and create a desktop shortcut. When you run the Estimator for the first time, right-click on the program shortcut (or the executable file globalip.exe), and choose "Run as Administrator" option in order to setup the default Database Location.

Once the basic configuration is complete, the Estimator is ready to run for both Admin and Standard Users.

Register the license, and Send or Email the registration information. This step is important, or the temporary license will expire.

Windows Messages After Installation

Global IP Estimator uses Windows database access components, which are frequently already installed on a computer. We do not install these components unless needed. As a result, you may receive error messages after installation, when starting the program. Please contact us, and we will guide you about the procedure to follow.

The complete User's Guide in pdf format may be downloaded via the following link. This document will also be found in the Application folder after program installation.

Download the Global IP Estimator User's Guide

Ready for More?

To obtain the complete version of the program with all available countries, you will need to purchase a license and obtain the password. Please contact us by emailing sales@quantifyip.com.

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