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Multiple License Policy | Global IP Estimator

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Global IP Estimator is typically an "occasional use" program – not used constantly, but invaluable when needed.

The needs of many firms can be met by purchasing one license for the program. This license entitles the firm to install the software on one computer. This computer is then used to generate estimates for everyone in the firm.

There are also situations where a firm has several frequent users. In this case, it may be more efficient to have several computers licensed to install the software.

We have attempted to balance these factors by providing the option to purchase a Main License for any given location, plus the option of purchasing Additional Licenses for that location at a significantly lower price than the main license.

The availability of additional licenses is restricted as follows:
  1. Each additional license must be for the same company/business entity as purchased the main license.
  2. Each additional license must be for a computer at the same physical location (i.e. street address) as the computer on which the main license is installed.
  3. Every computer from which the software is accessed must have its own license.

Network Installation
In a network installation, the program may be placed on a network server. However, items 1 to 3 above still apply, in that any computer given access to the program (via a Windows desktop icon, or other means) needs to have its own license. (Please note that this licensing agreement is not the same as the more common "concurrent user" software license.) Additional licenses must be for the same company, and be at the same address as the main license. If different addresses are involved, then each address must have its own main (and additional) license(s) for the computer(s) accessing the network server for the program and/or maintenance updates.

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