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Account Pricing

Everyone has different needs when it comes to Intellectual Property estimates and we want to make sure yours are met. That is why we have created several account types, which are based on:
  • The number of estimates needed
  • Whether all users of an account work from the same physical location (see our Multiple User Policy)
  • The type of estimate needed (patent, trademark, design, or utility model)

1,3, or 10 Estimates/Multiple Locations/Any Application Type
You have the option to purchase 1, 3, or 10 estimates and do not need to work for the registered user, or at the same location. You can run estimates for any application type.

1 Estimate US$53
3 Estimates US$143
10 Estimates US$405

100+ Estimates/Multiple Locations/Any Application Type
You can run 100 estimates for any application type and do not need to work for the registered user, or at the same location. This Account type is a perfect fit for users with multiple office locations and/or for law firms and companies that would like for their clients to be able to run estimates directly.

100 Estimates US$3450

Unlimited Estimates for 30 Days or 1 Year/One Location/One Application Type
You can run an unlimited number of estimates during your chosen time period for one particular application type. All users must work at the same location.
The 30-Day account is an ideal way to give the program a thorough trial.

30-Day Patent US$395
30-Day Trademark US$245
30-Day Design US$245
30-Day Utility Model US$245
1-Year Patent US$2265
1-Year Trademark US$1315
1-Year Design US$1315
1-Year Utility Model US$1315

Company-Wide Account
Unlimited Estimates/Multiple Locations/One Application Type

You can run an unlimited number of estimates for one year for one particular application type. Users do not have to work at the same location as the registered user, but must work for the company. Please note, Company is defined as a single legal entity.

Company-Wide Patent US$9975
Company-Wide Trademark US$6175
Company-Wide Design US$6175
Company-Wide Utility Model US$6175

Multiple Users of An Account
More than one person may use the same account user ID to run estimates. You may also assign multiple user IDs to an account. More than one user of an account may be logged on at the same time. Each user of the account must work for the entity named in the account registration, unless it is a "Multiple Locations" account.

For companies with offices in more than one city, please note that, except for the "Multiple Locations" accounts, an account is valid only for the office located at the address specified in the registration data. All users given access to an account must have as their principal place of employment, the office specified in the registration data.

In other words, a company needing to run estimates from offices in more than one city will need a separate account for each city, or they will need to purchase a "Multiple Locations" account.

Assignment Estimates
Assignment estimates are included only for the specific application type purchased, either patents, trademarks, or designs. For example, patent assignments are included if patent estimates have been purchased.

Defining an Estimate
One use of the service is considered one estimate. Any number of countries may be included in a single estimate. For patents, the estimate may include the PCT national phase or EPO validation phase, or both. Reports including multiple phases for one application still count as only one estimate.

Unused Estimates
For those accounts with a limited number of estimates, unused estimates may have their expiration dates extended by purchasing additional estimates for the same account type.

For example, with a "Multiple Locations" account, suppose you purchase 100 estimates on July 16, 2014 and run 80 estimates. On July 10, 2015 you purchase another 100 estimates. You then have 120 estimates available, with an expiration date of July 10, 2016. The additional estimates must be purchased before the expiration date of the earlier estimates for this extension to be available. For more information, please read our Return Policy.

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