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Client Testimonials | Quantify IP

From Fortune 500 Companies to the top Intellectual Property law firms worldwide, our clients rely on Quantify IP's expertise.

See what our clients are saying about us!

"As a Fortune 500 company, our IP is of paramount importance. Portfolio Estimator provided us with a simple-to-use tool that allowed us to model a multitude of domestic and foreign filing strategies, making our long-term budget planning much easier."

— Manager IP Services
A Fortune 500 Enterprise IT Firm

"The Global IP Estimator has turned out to be such a time-saving, cost-effective tool, that I wanted you to know. We absolutely love it. The women in our International Department constantly rave about the positive change it has made for them. I guarantee you that they do not miss the bad old days of manually fumbling through years of papers and notes. thank you!"

— Peggy A. Berner, Administrator-MIS,
Harness, Dickey & Pierce

"Our foreign patent and trademark filings have increased significantly due in part to the timely and accurate cost estimates we can provide to our clients with the help of the Global IP Estimator. Your program has saved us countless hours in effort and research, not to mention a cost savings from not having to contact our foreign associates."

— Katie Kurfman,
Hovey, Williams, Timmons & Collin

"I have found the Global IP Estimator to be an extremely valuable tool. It has decreased my workload in the area of preparing foreign fee estimates by nearly 100%."

— Cindy Witthofft, Legal Secretary,
Senniger, Powers, Leavitt & Roedel

"PolyOne is vitally interested in the cost of its patent protection, and uses Global IP Estimator as a significant tool in providing customized reports for its decision makers."

— John H. Hornickel, Int. Property Counsel,
PolyOne Corp.

"I could not function without the Global IP Estimator...it is a valuable tool that I use on a daily basis for both patent and trademark estimates!!!"

— Maureen J. Tieman, Manager, International Department,
Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman LLP

"Very simply, the Portfolio Estimator product is absolutely essential to anyone tasked with managing patent costs. Portfolio Estimator easily saved my team 200 hours per year in time I would have otherwise spent on writing algorithms, examining data, and developing reports. Even better is that the product comes with the service of people like Jacque Simon and Jim Esker at Quantify IP. They have been fantastic partners over the past 8 years. I have been very lucky to have had the chance to work with them not merely on modeling patent costs, but really in championing brand new techniques, and making some startling new discoveries along the way. Their customer service is truly extraordinary and their problem solving abilities are uncanny. I would highly recommend this product and Quantify IP as a company to anyone who has a need or an interest in understanding the surprisingly wide array of variables that influence the costs of managing a patent portfolio."

— Mr. Michael Tyerech, Senior Licensing Associate, Princeton University
(formerly: Research Associate Director, Johnson & Johnson Inc.)

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