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Global IP Estimator Delivers Your Results Your Way

Learn more about how Global IP Estimator delivers the results you've been looking for, in the format you need. And discover how this vital tool can help your clients optimize their international Intellectual Property decisions. You can watch one of the demonstrations below, view a sample of each type of estimate report, or check out screenshots of the program in action. And as always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Watch a Demo

Select "View" to watch a demonstration of Global IP Estimator. Or select "Download" to save the demo to your desktop to watch later (right-click and choose "Save as..").**

Intro Demo View Download (9.5 Mb)
Overview Demo View Download (13 Mb)
Patent Demo View Download (13.6 Mb)
Trademark Demo View Download (18.3 Mb)
Menu Options Demo View Download (8.5 Mb)
**The demonstrations require Adobe Flash® Player to view. If this software is not already installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download the free software from Adobe®. You may cancel this process at any point. Without Flash, you may view the demonstrations by downloading and running the executable file. Or you may simply view sample reports and/or download sample reports in Excel®.
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View Sample Estimate Reports

Estimate reports, while presenting the same overall figures, are available in three formats depending on the amount of detail you require.

In the sample reports below, an estimate has been generated for a patent application in Japan with 35 pages (excluding drawings), 10 pages of drawings, 6 claims, and 1 convention priority. The report was generated in September, 2013.

The Condensed Summary Report
Great for management to see a quick snapshot of total IP application costs. The Condensed Summary Report displays estimates as one line per country with totals appearing for:
  • Official fees
  • Associate fees
  • In-house costs
  • Annuities (for patents)

The Summary Report
Includes the same information as the Condensed Summary Report, but further broken down into totals for stages. For example, a patent application will include the following stages:
  • Filing stage
  • Examination stage
  • Grant stage
  • Maintenance stage

The Detail Report
As the name implies, the Detail Report itemizes ALL sources of fees and costs for a given application and even provides a breakdown of patent maintenance fees by annuity year. The Detail Report is the perfect tool to use when preparing your IP budget.


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View screenshots of Global IP Estimator in action

Initial Selection When Creating an Estimate
Upon opening the program, the screen below will appear and you will be asked to choose the type of application desired. Make your selection and click PROCEED.

Country Selection
Next, you will be asked to choose the countries in which you wish to file your application. Note that the EPO and the PCT are available selections. Make your selections and click PROCEED.

Application Information
Based on the application type and the countries selected, you will then be asked for more information about the application.

The Report
The program then generates the estimate, and presents it in various formats containing greater or lesser detail. A Summary Estimate Report is shown below. See a sample of a Condensed Summary Report or a Detail Report.

User-Modifiable Items
You may enter your own data and settings into various parts of the database before creating an estimate. Otherwise, the program will employ the system-default figures. The menu below, which appears at the top of the first screen shown upon opening the program, is used to access the data that can be changed.


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