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Overview | Global IP Estimator

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Enjoy the same efficient and reliable functionality as our popular desktop program of the same name, in a safe, secure online environment. And get your results, your way, right when you need them.

Anaqua's Global IP Estimator system lets you take your intellectual property cost estimation to a whole new level, boosting the confidence of your current clients, while attracting new ones.

Global IP Estimator combines expert technology with worldwide coverage of IP fees and timeline projections to bring you instant, accurate, and customizable results. One look and it's easy to see why it's the most widely used intellectual property cost-forecasting software in the world.

Global IP Estimator – The Future at Your Fingertips

IP practitioners all over the world rely upon the Global IP Estimator to generate immediate, worldwide future-cost estimates for their trademark, patent, design and utility model applications.

Innovative and robust, yet straightforward and easy-to-use, Global IP Estimator:
  • Saves you time & money - We've done the legwork and are constantly acquiring updated data, reducing your fee estimate workload by up to 95%.
  • Increases productivity & client satisfaction - Includes timelines and fees for virtually every country of the world, even those that are new and/or obscure, along with PCT and EPO routes.
  • Provides accurate, customizable, & timely reports - All in a readily usable format and in a currency of your choice.
  • Delivers efficient and reliable IP budget numbers - Has an extensive database of associate and official fees that is updated monthly by our team of experts.
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Functions and Features

Estimate Calculation
Estimates may be calculated for the following application types:
  • Patents (can include PCT national phase patents & EPO regional phase patents)
  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Utility Models
  • Assignments and Modifications
Any number of countries may be simultaneously selected, along with the EPO and PCT. You may also customize the PCT receiving office.

Depending on the type of application and the countries selected, you will need to input various application information. View sample estimate screenshots to see more specifically what information may be requested.

Our robust database is comprised of fee schedules from Intellectual Property law firms in each country, the most current official government fees and currency exchange rates. The staff of experts at Anaqua continuously revise this information to keep it up-to-date and a monthly update is available to users by the second business day of each month. Exchange rates can be updated daily.

Estimate Reports
Generating an estimate combines your previously entered application information with the information contained in our database for the countries in which you are filing. For further details, please see our FAQ.

Estimate Reports, while presenting the same overall figures, are available in three formats depending on the amount of detail you require. Learn more.
The Condensed Summary Report
Great for Management to see a quick snapshot of total IP application costs. The Condensed Summary Report displays estimates as one line per country with totals appearing for:
  • Official fees
  • Associate fees
  • In-House costs
  • Annuities (for patents and utility models)
  • Renewals (for designs)
See a sample Condensed Summary Report
The Summary Report
Includes the same information as the Condensed Summary Report, but further broken down into totals for stages. For example, a patent application will include the following stages:
  • Filing stage
  • Examination stage
  • Prosecution stage
  • Granting stage
  • Maintenance stage
See a sample Summary Report
The Detail Report
As the name implies, the Detail Report itemizes ALL sources of fees and costs for a given application and even provides a breakdown by annuity year for patent applications. The Detail Report is the perfect tool to use when preparing your IP budget.

See a sample Detail Report
For patent applications, in addition to the abovementioned reports, there is also a spreadsheet report available which includes:
Timeline Totals
Shows the summary of the applications over the specified timeline period.
Timeline By Stage
Shows the specified timeline broken down into individual stages.
Timeline By Category of Cost
Shows the specified timeline broken down into the categories of costs.

Download a sample Timeline Report (Excel spreadsheet)

Download a sample Common Report (Excel spreadsheet)

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